Finishing Services

We offer a multitude of finishing services

At DDR-GTCA, located in Montreal, we manufacture and produce a variety of products across a spectrum of industries. We are highly experienced in a wide selection of painting and silk-screening services comprising of liquid, powder and C.A.R.C. painting for smooth and textured finishes. We subcontract all other finishing, including plating, anodizing, and grit blasting. Our close working relationships with local finishing experts ensure optimal quality for your protective coatings and meet all your finishing needs.

Once the metal machining and casting steps are completed, the finishing is the last step in the production process. Each medium and compound application depends on the product requirements and the desired appearance. Our metal finishing provides the look, preservation and functionality of your final product.

Liquid Paint

We know that our clients require high quality and durability for their product finishes. At DDR-GTCA, we work with a series of processes and state-of-art equipment to guarantee optimal results for adhesion and corrosion resistance. We also provide services to safeguard your parts and components before the painting process.


This method is used for coatings that are not suitable for traditional or electrostatic spraying due to size constraints. All your components are always adequately prepared before painting.

Powder Paint

The principal difference between a conventional paint and a powder coating is that powder coatings do not require solvents to maintain the filler and binding portions in a liquid suspension form. These thermoplastic or thermoset polymer coatings are applied electrostatically and are cured with heat where it flows and creates a thin protective layer.

Other finishing services

At DDR-GTCA we are proud to offer additional finishing services including: painting, curing, assembly and packaging. Contact us today to learn more about our finishing services.

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